Chiseling Those Cheekbones


Now don’t get me wrong I love abit a contour, Although i’ve never gone over board with it. I like a subtle contour just to inhance my cheekbones and nose as I already have quite naturally high cheekbones. I usually use a powder contour and I normally go for a cool toned one as I think it creates a perfect shadow without looking unatural. Although, when this palette was realised I was determined I was going to give cream contour ago. In my head I believed I was going to look like a contoured, bronzed goddess, I remember thinking at the time ‘how hard can it be?’

So I recieved my Anastasia Beverly Hills cream contour palette and I was ready to go. I started using a basic small foundation brush and swiped it under my cheekbones, down my nose, on the forehead, under my chin, (in all the usual places) and then I used the shade vanilla to fill in the gaps. Under the eyes I used banana as it is a perfect yellow colour, then I bleneded with a damp beauty blender and well… It didn’t do what I expected, it just didn’t blend very well at all. I was abit dissapointed if i’m honest. I looked like I had caked my face in make-up and not blended it in..I had obviously done something wrong but it was too much faff for me, I wanted something I could just buff in and i’d be good to go.

I put it away in my draw for quite some time, untill recently, I had a ‘lightbulb’ moment. Why didnt i use it with a small fluffy brush and just blend it in? So the next day I dusted it down and set to work, I used a real techniques setting brush which fits the hollows of my cheek dones perfectly. As it is a cream to powder finish, It applied just like a powder! It blended incredibly well! This time I didn’t cake the banana colour under my eyes, I mixed it with vanilla and used a clean eyeshadow blending brush and buffed it In under my eyes and over any spots that needed covering! I was so impressed with the results I use it every day to contour now! Thr only down side is I don’t actually use the other colours as I dont need all of them.

I had this sort of thing happen before with my charlotte Tilbury magic foundation, It’s amazing how application can completely change the outcome of your make-up! So moral of the story is, If you are stuggling with a product, Give it a second chance and try a different way of application, Sometimes it can go from you least favourite to your most favourite product!


4 thoughts on “Chiseling Those Cheekbones

    1. I definitely recommend using a beauty blender! When I used a brush it just sank into my pores but when I switched to a beauty blender, It applied so much better! Hope you love it!


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